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I'm a returning member to the TEF listserve.  Have been a TEF 20 user way back when TEF was made by Crown.  I've recently purchased a TEF25.
Has anyone experience with measuring ABS COEFF's in an impedance tube according to ISO 10534-2 Transfer function method?

Basically 2 mic's set a specific distance apart according to the upper limit of the tube based on diameter.  P2*P1 to determine the cross spectrum product S12.  S11 (auto spectrum?) is determined from P1*P1 at mic position 1.

The transfer function is then S12/S11.

So how do you do these maths functions in TEF?

someone mentioned "divide" in a previous thread.  No divide under display and I'm using the latest software. 

Any help or suggestions appreciated.  I have the ISO document in PDF form if anyone wants to look at it in more detail in order to assist.

Are posts still sent via email or only here via web.



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HI Bruce,  I dont know the answer to your question, but I will try to find out. Thanks for posting!



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Thanks Doug,

I'm sure the ability to measure ABS coeff with TEF will be of interest to other TEF members.  Am impedance tube is a relatively simple device and can be home made with a little effort.  Reflection measurement methods off a hard surface is very easy with TEF but its limited to the size of the sample and time window

Jeff, are you still with Auralex?  How do you guys do ABS measurements?  Do you use TEF for this?

Cheers, Bruce

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I am no longer with Auralex.  Even so, I only ever used the reverb room method to measure absorption coefficients when I was there.

However, I might be able to help.  I've sent you a PM with my email address.

Best regards,

Jeff D. Szymanski, P.E.
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