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Welcome to TEF TALK!   We are glad that you are using this forum!  If you are new, please register.  Answer all the questions.  Your registration will be reviewed by a moderator as soon as possible (could take 24 hours) then you will be allowed to post.

This forum is created with the idea of synergy in mind.  For those of us who are old timers with TEF that should come as no surprise as all of us began with TDS because of synergy.   We want to maintain that attitude here.

When this forum was started in '06 I was on the Goldline payroll.  However this site was always my project and not supported by Goldline.  At the present, I no longer work for Goldline, and this site is fully supported by EASI.  There is no affiliation with Goldline.

1) We want to maintain a professional forum.  Please no personal attacks on other users (or anyone for that matter!) The moderators will be watching for abuse of this rule and reserve the right to delete a posting.  If a member continues to write abusive posts, the moderators may ban them from the site.

2)  Please confine buying and selling to the forum set up for that, and post only used equipment please.

3)  Please e-mail the moderators if you would like to see new features on this forum.  We will try to oblige!

That is all I can think of now,  ENJOY!

Doug Jones

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