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I found this among some things I saved from the list serve.  I hope Don wont mind me pasting it here..... :-)

Don said,

I can help you with converting these older files to data that's useable with the newer hardware and software.  I've just run through the routine to confirm that it can be done, so here goes:
To start, you'll need a machine running either DOS, WIN 95 or WIN 98.  If you still have TEF DOS software, install them (whichever module you need, i.e. TDS, RTA, etc.) on the machine.  Transfer the TEF10/12 data files onto the machine as well.  This could be a trick without the appropriate drive.
Open up TEF DOS and click on "FILE".  You should see, among the drop down list, the word "IMPORT".  Click on that and type in the TEF10/12 file name you wish to convert.  The software should process your request and make the file available for use.  Since I have no TEF10/12 data with which to experiment, I can't say with certainty that the process will work but I know others that have done this in the past.
Save your file in ASCII file format and you'll be able to use it in the current TEF Windows environment.  (Don't save it as a binary file.)
If you'd like to e-mail a couple of your files to me, I'd be happy to confirm that the process will indeed do as I've indicated above.
Don Washburn
The Audio Bug, Inc.


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Originally Posted by Doug
Open up TEF DOS and click on "FILE".  You should see, among the drop down list, the word "IMPORT".

This function only appears after you "Go To" the NLA module. I have tried this technique several times without success.


As I posted on the SAC listserv, the technique I have successfully used many time to convert TEF10/12 files to TEF DOS (and Windows) format is a multistep process. First, I use 22disk to copy the T10/12 files on a PC. Then I use a program written by Brian Flinn called "Tefconvert." Both programs run in batch mode, operating on all files found in the specified directory, so you have to get the pathnames straight.


I am attempting to attach the required files here, and they are also in the members section of the SAC website.



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