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Dream Team at TEF Class

Every now and then the planets align and we get a really strong instructional staff in one place at one time. This year we are going to have Blair McNair who has taught more TEF Classes than perhaps any other human being, but more than that, he has spent more time in the field with a TEF than most users. When I took my first TEF Class back in the Crown days, I remember being awed by his experience with a TEF. That has not changed over the following decade. TEF is a tool. A TEF Jedi is a person who is skilled in how to use that tool to utilize the programs to look a bit deeper.

Then there is Professor Doug Jones. Doug certainly holds the record for most persons ever taught TEF, as they own many TEF Machines at Columbia College where he has been responsible for TEF back to the days when we had big floppy disks and cryptic programming languages. From bringing together nearly a 100 top consultants in Chicago to explore Intelligibility to numerous Level II Classes, Doug has a unique ability to "Teach" acoustical measurement.

Then there is Russ Berger, a gentlemen who goes all the way to the beginning. An original TDS license holder in the days of Richard Heyser, Russ’ discoveries in recording studio technology changed our world. His academic and real world credentials bring him a unique perspective on how we perceive sound. And, when in Dallas, one is well advised to keep a sharp eye for Johnson Knowles, also of RBDG.

Jim Young has been a friend of many years. From his days in Contracting to Consulting, Jim like Blair is a guy who likes big rooms. Each of them have dedicated their lives to bringing the Word to congregations. Like many TEF Jedis, Jim combines a strong engineering background with having paid his dues through many hours of looking at the design of systems and how the combination of electro-acoustical and acoustical interactions define the experience.

Curt Taipale is another name many of you know. Through he revolutionized how the audio community spoke with the operators of sound systems, and his company Taipale Media Systems is a major force in church design. Before Taipale Media Systems, he was employed with Blair at the TEF Division at Crown International.

TEF Class ultimately has something to do with running a TEF analyzer, and it is a good place to learn software and basic skills. TEF Class, however, is about the experience people perceive in an acoustical space. What do we want to know about the Room? And, what do we do about it. For 20 years TEF Class has been a place where professionals came to spend 3 days among their brethren talking about the hard issues and how to solve real world problems.

There is still time to sign up, and as this will be the only TEF Class in 2008 use it or lose it. It is rare to be able to put so much talent in one place. We hope that you will both enjoy, and spread the knowledge. And, if you have more people than TEF Machines, we can often provide a loaner machine for additional students.


Greg Miller

TEF Division

(203) 938-2588

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