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Feel free to introduce yourself in this thread. You can list your name, company, address and general information about your company for other TEF users who might wish to use your services.  For Message Subject I suggest you use your City and State. In this way people can quickly find other TEF users in a region. I am hoping that we can in the future create a little map of where active TEF users are located, which all of us can use as a reference with a customer calls and says, who do you know in .....


Greg Miller


TEF Division

PO Box 500

W. Redding, CT 06896

(203) 938 2588


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Following your suggestion:

Andor Acustica S. L.

Javier Durán

Zarzuela, 8

45003 Toledo  Spain


34615658484 (page is under construction butt in de tag "Las expediciones" you can see good pics of some jobs)


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Thanks for posting and for the great picts.... Peter D must love you guys!



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Introduction as suggested:

Greenwood, IN USA

Michael Hayes (Mike)

Systems Design Engineer

DMX Music

11 North Restin Road

Greenwood, IN 46142




I think that covers most of the information Greg suggested.  My company is one of the major suppliers of background music in the United States.  We are also involved in the systems business doing audio, video and control.



Mike Hayes

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Alan Clayton

Just traded in my TEF20 for a TEF25. A bit of a TEF Neophite. Longtime listserve subscriber.

Platinum Sound and Communications
Victor,New York (Near Rochester)

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. - Ben Franklin

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Hi there

I'm new, young (24) and very nooby TEF25 user so don't laugh to loud when reading my posts

Dawid Stawiak
POLAND - I'm working for this firm


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Welcome To the Forum David,  I promise we wont laugh!  You can ask any thing you need to, either in the forum or to me or the other moderators privately.
Happy 'TEFfing'

Doug Jones


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Gilbert, Arizona USA
Cogent Audio Labs LLC
Garry Springgay, President.

Independent Audio Test Facility with 25 years of experience specializing in 12V applications. We do extensive product testing and development.  
Consultant to many major car audio manufacturers.
Technical editor for Performance Auto and Sound Magazine, and technical product reviewer for Car Audio and Electronics Magazine.

TEF user since 1992.
Recently upgraded to TEF 25.


~Without accurate data, everything is merely opinion.~

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Hi everybody,

I'm new here, so I introduce myself:

Frank, 32, R&D engineer. I live in Paris, France.
I use TEF 25 every day for 1 year, it's a main part of my activity.

I'm glad you set up this forum, as I encounter many "problems" with TEF... or strange thing hapening... and, it may help me understand some issues about sound measurement, that I'm not sure of.

see you soon



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Hello everybody,
my name is Marcello Croce, from Genoa (Italy).
Own a TEF12 machine since the 1988, I really love it.
Used it extensively for at least ten years in the beginning, then stopped.
Since 2010 I'm using it again very often, mostly for room acoustic and loudspeaker works.

Audio Reinforcement Concepts, Italy

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Hi everybody,

My name is Martin Castrovinci and I write from Sicily (Italy).
I am an Electro-Acoustic Consultant & Environmental acoustics technician.
I have three TEF machines, one "Crown TEF10", one "Techron TEF12" and one "Techron TEF20".
I love these machines. They changed my way of thinking and working, although I already owned Clio, DRA Mlssa, Kemtec Ams, RA Smaart and Meyer Sound Sim.
I mainly use "Tef 12" in the Laboratory with some unusual results.

I love them and I will always be grateful to my dear colleague "Marcello Croce", a "Senior Audio Engineer" expert Italian user of "Tef", for supporting the knowledge of software and documentation.

I am happy to be part of this forum and to share thoughts, opinions and issues regarding the TEF world.

See you soon.

Martin Castrovinci


Martin Castrovinci - President and CEO

Global Head Office

Martin Castrovinci Systems Engineering
Militello Rosmarino (Me)
Contrada Bisanò Snc – 98070
Ph. 0039 389 1312184


Martin Castrovinci - President and CEO
Global Head Office

Martin Castrovinci Systems Engineering
Militello Rosmarino (Me)
C.da Bisanò Snc – 98070
Ph. 0039 389 1312184

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