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Hi there,


I use the Tef 25 to makes some measurements, practically i started a month ago. I did some first measurmnats in pretty big sports hall where the  Community loudspeakers R series are installed, in one cluster on middle of hall. I tried to measure a phase diffrents between the speakers in overlapping area. And I got very strange result’s, I did  measurements like is written in manual, I know how the TDS method works and how to set it (delay etc). In enclosure I attached the files from measurmant’s, as You will see the phase graph looks strange, the phase degrees looks strange . Where I did the mistake’s and how it supposed to be set?


Marcin Zimny

acoustic, sound system designer.

sory for my Eanglish..

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etc RT60,_sala_VIP,_1KHZ_center.etc (103.96 KB, 42 views)
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