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Hi everyone,

I wish all of you a happy new year, and best wishes !

We have dig resolution matters on TEF25, regarding the FFT window size.
For example, if we can give the MLS window a 8.05ms lenght without incorporating wall reflexions, it gives you 386 samples of analysis and leads to a 124Hz resolution.
Am I right so far ?

Then , first question:
assuming samples are multiples of 2 to the power n, what about these 368 samples ? (as it falls between 2 to the power 8 and 2 to the power 9)

Second question:
when parameter "FFT lenght" is set to one, we will get, in the FFT-calculated frequency response, a straight line between values at 124 and 248 Hz.

If we set FFT length to 9 for example, this "kind of" smooth the frequency response... and sometimes it generates (or reveal??) ripples.

So, what exactly stands this parameter for ? Does it extend time windowing ? Does it extrapolates FFT calculation ? Other ?

Thanks for these answers.

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