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Hi All,

We are definitely holding the TEF class in Dallas on March 26,27 and 28 with a possible extra day on home theater if there is demand for it on the 29th.  More details will follow, but make your reservations now!  Days one and two are going to be level 1, day 3 a level 2 in the form of workshops.  We are planning to do one on PET and other on Z and various SLX measurements.  The workshop will be taught by Blair and myself.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Doug Jones

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PPO Box 500, W. Redding, CT  06896

Tel (203) 938 2588, Fax (203) 938 8740


Join us in Dallas

Spring TEF Class

March 26-28, 2008


The Spring TEF Training Class will be held on March 26-28, 2008 in Dallas (Plano), Texas. Lead instructor is Blair McNair, Chair of the TEF Advisory Board and VP of TEF Engineering and Professor Doug Jones of Columbia College in Chicago.  The Guest Speaker and assistant instructor will be Russ Berger, principal and founder of the Russ Berger Design Group, and the Assistant Instructor will be Kurt Taipale of  Taipale Media Systems of Allen Texas


The classroom and field work will be at the Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas (Plano), TX.  Every attendee will have their TEF and their laptop computer, and during the classroom session will be making measurements. We will have all of the TEF’s connected to a master sound system, so that we will explain the measurement, and then you will have a chance to make the measurement. Then we will divide the class into small groups, and send you out into the Church with a series of measurements to be made. We then re-convene and discuss the data you measured and what it means.


Attendees need to bring to class either a TEF20 or a TEF25, plus all attendees will need a laptop computer. Attendees who own a TEF20 and would like to borrow a TEF25 for the class should contact us. We have a few available on a first come basis.


Each attendee will be making large numbers of measurements during the sessions. The first two days will be in a class/lab setting where each attendee will have their TEF connected to a common microphone and measuring a common device/system under test. Each concept will be demonstrated followed by attendees performing measurements to gain understanding and proficiency with each concept. These two days will be followed by a third in which we will move into a real acoustic space and perform a series of measurements that will reinforce the class/lab sessions with real world measurements. You are welcome to record the session for your personal use.

We will cover all of the recently updated TEF software modules including, TDS, SLX, PET, NLA and RTA, and if there is interest, we can show PLR with a turntable.


TEF Division of Gold Line, PO Box 500, W. Redding, CT 06896

Tel (203) 938 2588, Fax (203) 938 8740


Attendee experience typically covers a broad range. Some attendees have used TEF for many years and are looking to learn new features. Other attendees have just bought their first TEF and are new to time based measurement.  TEF Class does not assume any knowledge of TEF, but we do assume that you earn your living in audio and that you are familiar with basic audio theory and systems.


TEF Class is also very much based on Don Davis’ concepts of Synergy. The experience is a chance to work with other professional from the field, to make new contacts and to share information. Attendees often talk late into the night, and we encourage the Class experience as a chance for audio professional to explore ideas with their colleagues and instructors. 


To receive an application to attend the class, e-mail Martin Miller at or call Marj at (203) 938 2588  or you can register for the class by filling out the following application on line.


The cost for the three days is $750.00. A discount is offered for multiple students from the same firm.  We will confirm  that you have been accepted for the class and will prior to the class send you all of the software we will be using. We will then work with you prior to the class to install the software and to confirm that your system is up and running properly. This will allow us to begin the class promptly the first morning.


PLEASE NOTE: We want all attendees to have the full complement of software. If you want to use software that you have not purchased, we will loan you modules which will expire 30 days after the end of the workshop.






Tel/Fax___________________________   _____________________________


Credit Card:___________________________________________

Expiration Date______________________________, Sec Code___________

Picture of yourself if Available_________________, or e-mail to


PRICE IS $750/person which includes lunch each day.


Recommended Hotel: A Block of rooms has been reserved at The Hampton Inn Plano 4901 Old Shepard Place Plano, TX 75093 (972) 519-1000  at a special rate. Your reservation has to be received by  March 4th to qualify for that rate.  It is not required that you stay at this hotel but most of the students will be there and a hot breakfast plus transportation  to Prestonwood Church will be provided at no extra charge.  Special price/night $109 dollars


Dress - Slacks/Polo Shirts. 

Any Special Requirements contact Marj Miller at mdmiller@GOLD-LINE.CO


To Register online, e-mail this form to Marj Miller at

Or FAX to (203) 938 8740 att Marj












Prestonwood Baptist Church
6801 W. Park Blvd.
Plano, Texas 75093


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