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TEF Software Promotion at TEF Class

In past years we loaded all of the software onto computers for TEF Class, but when you left you had to delete it. So, you learned the software, but then when you got home you did not have a chance to try it in the field.

Lou has come up with a new program whereby we can leave the computer on your TEF Machine for 60 days as a free trial period. So when you come to TEF Class in Dallas, you get the full load of programs, and then you have a couple of months to work with them to see if they are useful.

We have debated this internally as we like to sell software at TEF Class, but we recognize that it is tough to tell what is worth the investment until you have had a chance to use it in the field. So, let’s give it a try.  Apps for the class are on this forum, or call Marj at Gold Line.

Greg Miller

TEF Division

(203) 938-2588

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