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Hi Folks!


We are announcing a very important new update.  It is on the Goldline website, called UPD_685P.

It fixes many if not all the things you all have been asking about for the last few months.  There is a new NLA printout. The accuracy in NLA and RTA has been fixed.  Lots of work was done on SLX.  We fixed the problem many of you found in the Auto Cal feature.  You can hide the piano keyboard in the settings window (one of my favorites!) We fixed the tabbing problem in the file save window.  RTA is more stable, but you still should always STOP the RTA before performing a new measurement.  The “Check for Updates” button in the “about” window now works, it looks at the versions in your software and compares to the versions on the website, and tells you if they are different.  There still is a problem we are working on.  Not a big one… When using NLA,  if you are printing to a color inkjet, and you choose the Black and White print option, you must use the alternate color scheme. If you don’t, it will print white on white, and that is hard to read. This does not apply to laser printers, or other B/W printers.


I am not claiming infallibility here! But we tested this upgrade on HP, Panasonic, Acer, Dell, Apple (Bootcamp/XP)  and custom built PCs running Win2000,  XP and Vista.  This is by far the most tested upgrade we have ever released.  I am confident that it will work for you!


One final note.  This upgrade will not bring version 5 up to version 6.  Going from version 5 or earlier to version 6 requires a key from Goldline for a nominal fee.  It will bring version 6 software up to current.  It will also not work if you are using “non-installed” ( read bootlegged) software!


Please let me know immediately if you have any problems what so ever.


Finally I want to thank Louis Pittsley for all his hard work making this new update as robust as possible.


Doug Jones

Goldline TEF Product Manager

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