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On a recent job the noise generator within Ver6 started to studder and all measurements were corrupted.  I called Louis and he adviced me to find SL60 in Device Manager and increase its priority one notch.  This worked, but WINXP doesn't seem to retain this setting.  Why is this suddenly necessary and is there a better solution?  I realize asking why about anything Windows is likely to be futile.  I'm just hoping that someday TEF will learn to play nice with WinXP.  I shutter to think what will happen to all of this when they introduce Vista :{

Per Forsberg
Audio Architects Inc.
Chippewa Falls, WI

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Hi Per,  Are you running the TEF at 96K?  If so this is an ongoing problem that we are working on.  If it happens a 48K, I need to know right away as this is something new.


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