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In response to changes in the audio test market the TEF USB preamp was
developed to meet the
needs of  professional, high performance  users that demand quality and
In order to evolve the Sound Lab platform to meet the changing needs of our
Significant changes have been made.

Enhancements to the RTA platform.
To enhance the RTA platform several new features, including the localization
of controls,
contribute to a more powerful and flexible interface. These changes included
a high resolution
FFT for inspecting low frequency information and input level meters to
display the signal to
noise and clip levels.

Additional Enhanced RTA features include:
1)        Two Channel Differential RTA
2)        Difference between channel and reference
3)        Difference two signals arriving at the same time
4)        Two channels arriving at the same time in split screen
5)        Time Equalize two channels by adding delay
6)        Normalize SPL to show relative difference
7)        New controls added for setting the input Gain
8)        New controls to set delay automatically with ETC sweep.

Enhancements to the TDS platform.

To enhance the functionality of TDS,  modifications have been made to
automate RT60 measurements.

TEF for INSTALLATION and Remote Control

An installed TEFnet System helps to overcome Time and Distance constraints
and allows
consultants to operate TEFnet units from remote locations.
TEFnet is a complete TEF25 analyzer with 5 MUX inputs plus an additional
input for special
applications. The system is utilized in conjunction with a dedicated house
computer. The
consultant installs microphones in selected locations and sets the
parameters for Pass/Fail
evaluation. The software will prevent any unauthorized change to the
consultant's specifications.

The Pass/Fail evaluation is based on a TDS test sweep and automatic
sequential activation of MUX
microphones. The Pass/Fail evaluation Test utilizes modified Sound Lab
speaker test software. The
creation of an automated test script permits use by a non-technical user.
The user is presented
with a simple menu which reports the results as "Test 1 passed" or "Test 1
failed". A user test
script generator is included to allow rapid deployment without requiring the
installer to learn
the scripting language and allows for the generation of six independent and
customizable tests.  

Keeping up with Hardware changes

We have added support for 64 bit platforms.  We are now testing our software
on Windows 7.  We
have recently released a new version of Upgrade 1, which supports 64 bit USB
drivers and has a
built-in media player that permits you to send a WAV music file (or test
signal) to the TEF outputs.

We have also moved our default save location to My Documents instead of
Program Files, which
allows people working in User mode to operate on Vista and Windows.

We have modified the fonts on the RTA module to make them more readable.  We
have also resized
the screen to maximize the viewing area and eliminate wasted space.  

The Fourth module, which is used in Mic Test, Speaker Test and TEFnet, has
been greatly expanded
in function and allows you to write sophisticated scripts and   to
automatically create archives,
directories and auto save measurements.  These functions can be useful when
creating production
tests or automated tests for untrained users.

We are in the process of re-releasing all of our packages with support for
64 bit and testing the
compatibility with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

                                           Louis Pittsley Jr
                                           Gold Line Engineering
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