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Another message from Louis...

February 3, 2010

    A new release of Sound Lab Upgrade1 is available.  This change allow a music wave file to be streamed to the TEF25 outputs.  A new menu item exists at "File, Play Media", which defaults to the "My Music" folder and has a filter to show files with a WAV extension.  The only file format that is currently supported is the 16-bit stereo WAV file.  You can use a publicly available converter, like GoldWave,  to do the conversion from CD or an alternative media format.

    The "Play Media" feature is available under the "File" menu item on the main menu. It will open a file selection window which defaults to your "My Music" folder.  A file selection window will also appear if the media "Play" button is pushed, which defaults to the "My Documents" directory.  New media controls for "Pause" and "Stop" have been created.  The Stop button will free the playback file from memory.  A Media Progress bar appears near the Play button to show how much of you music remains.  This bar also tracks the progress of TDS sweeps

    The volume level of a WAV file may vary from song to song so it is advisable to lower the playback level when running a new song for the first time.  The output level control will also affect the level of the media playback.  This control is a slide bar located to the right of the Play / Pause / Stop buttons.

    There is no practical limit to the size of the file to be played.  Sound Lab's memory usage will be temporarily increased by the size of the playback buffers.  This additional memory is freed when another song or test signal file is loaded.  The additional allocated memory will also be freed if a TDS test is run.

   An additional feature of the new Sound Lab is the move to support modern operating systems like Vista and Windows 7.  These OS's do not allow you to modify files under the Program Files directory.  The default location to store your data files has been moved to "My Documents\Gold Line\Data", which is compatible with all systems from Windows 98 to Windows 7.

   Sound Lab's scripting language has been greatly expanded to bring more capability to the TEF product line and allow for the building of complex and smart automated testing.  The Production Test module (found in Mic Test and Speaker Test) packages) has been updated to take advantage of these changes.

    The latest set of newly released USB drivers has been included to support all currently available Windows OS's, including Windows 7 x64.

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