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Some improvements have been made to Sound Lab that are available in the new version of UPG1 and updates to the Sound Lab core. These are available in Sound Lab version

The Path dialog, which is located at {Files, Path} on the main menu, now contains a path to the Music directory.  The Play Media command uses this path location to determine where the user stores his music files.  This value is stored in the registry and is updated when a music file is loaded.

A minor bug in Sound Lab has been corrected.  This bug occurred when the Pan control button (arrow) on the tool bar was used to change whether the music or test signal would come out of the CH1 output, CH2 output or both outputs.  The control would revert to the power-up state when the Input Settings dialog was opened.  The correction causes the two controls to stay in sync and supports the Undo key.

A change has been made in the RTA display controls.  The Octave button would previously cycle between all of the commonly desired octave fractions.  This has been changed to a pull-down menu, which allows the desired octave fraction to be directly selected.

New features are available in UPG1 version

The media player has a new enhancement.  The progress indicator, located beneath the media control buttons, would previously only show the current position of the song.  A new function has been added that allows the user to jump the music position backwards or forwards by clicking on the appropriate spot on the progress bar. 
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